Seeking treatment can be a difficult process that may be too intimidating for addicts or their loved ones. When does someone need treatment? Where should they go for treatment? What makes a facility as good as a rehabilitation center? These are just some of the questions you may have when seeking treatment.

Who Needs Treatment?

Treatment is required for people who are suffering from some form of addiction. Addiction often destabilizes an addict’s life and causes severe problems in regard to one’s work and personal life. If you or someone you love is currently suffering from an addiction, then seeking medical treatment of some form is usually the best way to repair any damage caused by the addiction.

Where to Start?

Finding the proper kind of treatment often requires an exact diagnosis of the addiction. Physicians and other highly trained healthcare personnel have the expertise required to diagnose the problems you or your loved one is facing. Attempting to self-diagnose or diagnose a family member is usually ineffective and can complicate the treatment process.


After you have consulted your doctor, you may want to do you own research on the diagnosed addiction. Talking to your physician about the disease or discussing addiction with recovered addicts may provide you with the information you need to understand the recovery process. Furthermore, your sources will provide you with the many different treatment options available.

How to Select a Credible Treatment Center

There are a variety of treatment centers that often provide medical care for addiction. However, choosing the one that is best for you requires a detailed examination of your case and the therapy strategies employed by the facility. Here are some key questions you should have answers to prior to selecting a treatment site:

  • Does this facility treat the specific addiction in question?
  • What is the ratio of patients to staff members?
  • What treatment regimens do they employ (e.g. medication, group therapy, family support, etc.)?
  • How long does treatment take?
  • Who are the staff members and what are their qualifications?
  • How much will treatment cost and what are my financial options?
  • What is the center’s success rate?
  • Will the facility help arrange an intervention?
  • Does the facility ensure privacy and adhere to all HIPAA regulations?

After Choosing a Facility

Once you have selected a center to help with your intervention and any future treatment, talk to the leaders of the center, so they can appoint a professional interventionist who will organize, schedule and moderate the intervention meeting. Then, make sure you coordinate with the facility about when to check in and what treatment will be provided to the addict and all participating family members and friends. The facility will need all the patient’s previous medical information, plus any other information they deem important.

The process of seeking treatment is complex, but there are trained professionals who are ready and able to provide you with all the information you need. Remember that recovery treatment is an ongoing process that will require much time and planning. However, treatment offers the best opportunity for addicts and their families to rebuild their lives.