Tad Stringam and Tami Stringam


Awaken Interventions


Tad Stringam and Tami Stringam

Tad and Tami Stringam are a husband and wife intervention team. Together they own and operate Awaken Interventions. Their ability to connect with suffering souls during their darkest hours is nothing short of miraculous. They realize the word intervention conjures up a mental picture in many people’s minds of a surprise meeting with scripted letters, threats, and scary ultimatums. The mission of Awaken Intervention is to rebuild the lines of communication within the family unit that always seem to erode in the process of addiction. Tami and Tad can help you and your family come to a better understanding of a situation that appears to be hopeless. Battling addiction will be your loved ones fight of their life. Don’t let them fight alone. There is a way to love them through it without getting trampled. Love is real. The rest is smoke and mirrors. Call Tami and Tad directly at 866-96-SOBER and begin your family’s journey towards healing today.

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