Norm Boshoff

Norm Boshoff

Orange County, California

Restoration Interventions

At one point, Norm Boshoff seemed to have it all. He was the senior pastor of a mega church, and every day he spoke to people all around the world about issues involving hope and grace. But deep inside, Boshoff was struggling with alcoholism, and he felt as though he had no one to talk to.

That was more than 15 years ago. Boshoff entered a 12-Step treatment program and worked on his sobriety, and when he regained control of his life, he went back to school to learn more about how he could help other people dealing with addiction. He’s now the president of Restoration Interventions, a national intervention company.

Boshoff uses his personal experience and expertise to help families understand the isolation and devastation that an addiction can cause, and his interventions are known for their gentleness, compassion and effectiveness. Boshoff holds many such interventions each month.

After a successful intervention, Boshoff recommends a qualified residential treatment facility that’s capable of meeting the needs of the addicted person. Boshoff often travels to the treatment center with the addicted person, ensuring that there are no opportunities for relapses during the journey. Boshoff also offers a continuing care program that provides monitoring for the addicted person and that person’s family.

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