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Ken Seeley

Ken Seeley is a Board Registered Interventionist II and a Registered Addiction Specialist. He’s been clean and sober since July 14, 1989 and has been in the business of recovery on a full-time basis ever since. He founded his own company, Intervention911, and continues to provide intervention assistance to clients all across the country.

Seeley is well known to the viewers of the television show Intervention, as he was one of just three interventionists highlighted in this Emmy Award-winning show. He is no longer working with the show, choosing instead to focus on his business and assist as many clients as he can through his own company. Seeley likely impacted many people with his television work; as the viewing audience for the show was large, it likely included many people who hadn’t yet chosen to enter a treatment program. Seeley hopes his work allowed these people to accept the help a rehab program can provide.

In addition to assisting private clients, Seeley also devotes a significant amount of time to consumer education. He wrote a book in 2009 entitled Face It and Fix It, designed to help readers overcome denial, a common part of the addiction process, and embrace self-awareness. Seeley has also contributed to news reports for multiple media outlets, including:

  • CNN
  • NBC
  • CBS
  • FOX
  • ABC

Seeley brings his personal history with addiction to bear in his interventions, helping the families to understand what it might be like to live with an addiction, and what techniques might be most effective in breaking through denial and moving forward with life. During his career, he’s supervised hundreds of interventions and claims to obtain the greatest sense of personal satisfaction from the successes he’s helped his clients to obtain.

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