Judy Sperling


Interventions of Sarasota

Judy Sperling

Judy Sperling, MS, CAP, has more than 13 years of experience in helping both adults and adolescents who have addiction issues. Her clients often struggle with issues involving the use and abuse of substances like alcohol, but she can also help families who have been touched by eating disorders or other problems involving behavior, rather than chemicals.

Sperling is a certified ARISE interventionist, which means she’s capable of conducting a low-conflict form of intervention in which the addicted person is involved in the intervention at every stage, including the educational/planning stage. Sperling can also amend her intervention approach based on the needs and preferences of the families she’s helping.

In the past, Sperling has directed an outpatient addiction treatment facility, and she has worked for not-for-profit organizations that provided care for people with addictions. She has also worked in the supervised court-ordered therapy field. Now, she works with Interventions of Sarasota, which is located in Florida. She can travel anywhere in the country to visit clients, however, and she encourages all families in need to reach out if they need help.

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