Jeff Pope

Jeff Pope

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

HEALing Sea Turtle

Jeff Pope spent 18 years working in the securities industry on Wall Street. On the outside, he was a successful man with the whole world ahead of him, while inside, he was struggling with an addiction he just couldn’t shake. At the end of a successful intervention held by his loving wife, Jeff chose to accept help, and his life has been forever changed. He left the financial industry behind and opened up his own intervention company in Texas, HEALing Sea Turtle Interventions. The name of the company might be whimsical, but the help provided here is very real.

For Jeff, an intervention is the culmination of a significant amount of work, performed by family members who really want to see someone heal and improve. Jeff provides education, allowing families to understand their role in an addiction, and he helps to ensure that the addiction talk progresses smoothly. Jeff can also offer ongoing support, providing weekly updates on the client’s participation in therapy, and he can provide after-treatment transition help. He can also offer long-term support for people who need a little extra boost in order to make the lessons of recovery stick for the rest of life.

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