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Caring Interventions


Brian O’Shea

Caring Interventions is a full-service intervention practice focused on serving families and corporations in the Southeast, especially Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. We are a team of addiction professionals dedicated to providing affordable intervention services that promote recovery for the long term. We offer family and executive interventions, drawing on evidence-based, best-practice intervention models to meet the specific needs of the identified patient and concerned others. At a minimum Caring Interventions always provides

•   Pre-intervention consultation, education and planning.
•   Screening for co-occurring disorders.
•   Recommendation of at least 3 clinically-appropriate treatment providers.
•   Facilitation of the intervention meeting(s)
•   Monitoring of the admissions process.
•   Consultation for at least 6 months after the identified patient enters treatment.

Long-term recovery greatly depends on choosing the clinically appropriate level of care. One of the many services we provide is helping our clients choose the best care available within their means. Not everyone requires in-patient treatment. Some patients do well with out-patient treatment, especially when supported by testing and monitoring. We always suggest at least three clinically appropriate treatment options to our intervention clients, based on first-hand knowledge of a wide range of treatment providers. As a member of the Network of Intervention Specialists, we have access to outstanding professional resources throughout the continental United States.

Other services we provide include consulting, screening and referral, case management, transport, mentoring by a sober coach or sober companion and testing with monitoring and supervision. We know that intervention works, treatment is effective, and people recover.

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