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Brad Lamm

Brad Lamm is a board-certified interventionist and the founder and president of Intervention Specialists. The form of intervention Brad uses, known as a Lifestyle Intervention Method, empowers the family members and friends of an addicted person to reach through denial and encourage change in the person they love. Brad has used this method on the Dr. Oz Show, where he was named the formal interventionist of record, and he’s also appeared regularly on The Today Show.

To help those people who might want to confront their loved ones but aren’t quite ready to commit to the intervention process, Brad has written a series of instructional books, such as How to Help the One You Love: A New Way to Intervene and How to Change Someone You Love: Four Steps to Help Them.

Brad is adept at dealing with issues of addiction, but he also has a special interest in weight and food addiction issues. He founded the Change Institute in 2008 in order to help clients learn how to lose weight and stop smoking, and he’s written books on both weight loss and smoking cessation techniques.