Benjamin Randolph


Compassionate Interventions

Benjamin Randolph

Benjamin Randolph, MS, CACD III, has worked in the addiction field since 2000. During his career, he’s worked in a variety of settings, including mental health treatment facilities, inpatient addiction programs, juvenile corrections programs and outpatient DUII treatment programs. He’s located in Oregon, but he often travels across the country to help people who are in need.

Benjamin has his own addiction history, and he uses his story of recovery to help break through denial and help his clients see the need for change. Benjamin is also a veteran of the Gulf War, and he has firsthand experience of the stress and trauma deployment can cause for men and women in uniform. He’s held many interventions for veterans with addiction, and he often uses cognitive processing therapy to help his clients understand their issues and work toward a healthier future.

In his practice, Benjamin works hard to educate families on the nature of addiction and the role they’ll need to play in helping the person to heal. As a father of five boys and a loving husband to his wife, Benjamin is well acquainted with the stresses of modern family life and the strength that can come from a balanced home life. He applies this knowledge in his interventions, and he often stays involved with the family as the therapy process moves forward.

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