Meet With An Interventionist

Meet with an InterventionistMeet with an Interventionist

In an intervention, the interventionist works as a coach, a referee and a guide. The interventionist helps the family plan for this tough conversation, and provides guidance throughout the process to help ensure success. In order to do the job properly, an interventionist must meet with the family several times before the intervention is held.

During these planning sessions, the interventionist will provide information on the nature of addiction, and give background information on the nature of interventions. The family will:

  • Describe how the addict’s behavior is impacting the family
  • Outline how long the addiction has been occurring
  • Craft a specific goal for the intervention
  • Provide background on the way the addict tends to behave when confronted
  • Describe how previous interventions or addiction conversations have ended in the past

These get-to-know-you sessions may seem unimportant, but in reality, they are a vital part of the intervention process. The information the family provides can help the interventionist begin to plan the intervention. For example, according to the Association of Intervention Specialists, a qualified interventionist can use planning sessions to determine who will have the most impact on the addict. Perhaps the addict listens to his children more than his wife, for example, or perhaps the addict’s mother has a special tact the addict tends to find helpful. It can be difficult for families to discover this influential person on their own, as they might be too close to the parties involved to see the issue clearly. An outsider’s perspective could be particularly helpful here.

Everyone who plans to speak at the intervention must attend these planning sessions. People who cannot seem to make time to attend these meetings may not be fully prepared to participate in an intervention, and the family might choose to ask those people to stay away on intervention day.

Step 2: Determine Intervention Strategies