Make Treatment Arrangements

Get into a Treatment ProgramGet Your Loved One into Treatment

The goal of any intervention is to push the addict into an effective treatment program. Ideally, the addict will go to that treatment program as soon as the intervention is over, and most addicts agree to do just that. According to the Association of Intervention Specialists, more than 90 percent of addicts agree to enter treatment at the end of an intervention. This means that families must have treatment arrangements complete before they hold the intervention.

Intervention specialists can provide invaluable advice to help families choose the right sort of addiction treatment program. In some cases, the addict will need specific medical help to remove the traces of drugs and alcohol from the body. In other cases, the addict might benefit from programs that allow him or her to keep living at home while heading to counseling sessions just a few times per month. The addiction specialist has specific knowledge that can help families make the right decision.

Once the interventionist and the family have chosen the method of treatment that will be most effective, the family can begin calling facilities. Often, families have many facilities to choose from. To narrow the field, families can ask questions such as:

  • Do you accept our insurance plan?
  • How much will we be required to pay?
  • What sorts of amenities does your program offer?
  • Do you have an opening right now?
  • Does your program offer medical supervision?

Once families have chosen a treatment facility, they can fill out admissions paperwork for the addict and pay any entrance fees. If family members have written letters as part of their intervention, they should include those letters in their admissions paperwork for the counselors to use. Then, when the intervention is over, the addict can simply enter the treatment program without being bogged down with any sort of logistical problem whatsoever.

Step 7: Ensure Aftercare & Stability

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