Paying for an Interventionist

You’ve decided that you want to hire a professional intervention specialist to help you confront your loved one about their addiction.

You are committed to helping your loved one see how damaging addiction can be, but you’re not sure if you can afford the service. Don’t give up without taking a look at the many ways you might be able to raise the funds you need to get started. There are many options available to help you pay for an intervention, and one of them might work for you.

Choose Which Intervention Model Is Right for You – and Your Budget

paying for interventionsInterventions are important. They are also time-consuming and the professional you hire must be compensated, of course. However, in some cases, an interventionist might not be as expensive as you think. Different types of interventions may have varying rates between service providers and styles.

Remember, we’re talking about saving the life of someone you love. That’s important work and you can find the cash flow more readily than you think you can, if you look into the nooks and crannies of your expenses.

Check With Insurance

Generally insurance companies don’t cover the cost of an intervention. This is because interventions are, in and of themselves, not considered a form of treatment. When you hire a professional interventionist, you usually must pay for their travel and lodging costs, in addition to their services fee. When you consider time for in-person planning sessions and the actual intervention itself, it’s easy to see how lodging costs could add up. As a result, it’s best to hire a professional interventionist who doesn’t have to travel too far to get to you.

While insurance may not alleviate the cost of the intervention, many plans do offer at least partial coverage for the treatment that follows the intervention.

When you create your overall budget for the intervention and addiction treatment, consider what portion of the treatment costs your loved one’s insurance may cover. This could free up some funds that can be applied toward the intervention costs. You’ll also want to confirm that the addiction treatment facility you choose accepts your loved one’s insurance. By having all these financial considerations taken care of, you’ll alleviate a lot of stress that you – and your addicted love one – may feel as they enter treatment.

Borrowing From Family and Friends

Nobody likes to ask for money, but the difference here is that you aren’t asking for something frivolous. This is the life of someone close to you – someone who might be close to the same family and friends you could approach to help pay for the intervention. In some instances, the members of the intervention team – the friends and family members of the addict – may chip in to cover the cost of the intervention.

When the cost of the event is shared amongst multiple team members, it’s much more manageable.

borrowing money for treatmentAccording to the US News and World Report article, “Borrowing From the Family Bank” is not as unusual as it used to be. Before you step away from the possibility of asking family and friends for cash to help out, think about what you would do if your wife, husband or child had cancer, or if they needed a life-saving operation. Drug addiction is a life-threatening disease and is worthy of every treatment effort you can find.


In some instances, you can obtain a loan to cover the cost of the intervention. There are several types of loans available for this type of service. These include:

  • Home equity/second mortgage loan. This type of loan uses the equity in your home to secure the borrowed funds.
  • Signature loan This type of loan is usually collateral-free, but it might cost you a little more to borrow the cash.
  • Payday loan. This is one of the most expensive loan products on the market today, but there is usually no credit check, and you can make longer payment arrangements than your next payday to repay the funds in many cases.
  • Private financing. Some interventionists may feature financing options for their clients.

Not all loans are created equally, so you will need to seek the advice of a financial professional before you borrow money for your intervention.

Ask About Installments

get a loan for treatmentSome intervention services require a portion of the total bill for services in advance, while others require the full amount. If the cost is part of your determining factors, consider hiring an interventionist who will accept a deposit up front and the remaining fee later.

Some interventionists may even offer financing options for a reasonable interest rate. The important part is getting your loved one the help they need, and many intervention professionals are willing to work with you to make that happen.

Consider the Alternative

Have you ever “loaned” cash to your loved one, only to discover that they spent your money on drugs or alcohol instead of paying their rent? Chances are, you have. In many interventions, the addicted person will be presented with consequences should they choose to not enter treatment. If you tell your loved one that they will no longer receive financial assistance from you unless they attend treatment, they will be more motivated to get the help they need. When they are in treatment, you don’t have to worry about them spending the money you loaned them on drugs or alcohol.

Once your addicted loved one achieves sobriety, they will be in a much better position to get and maintain a good job.

Their income potential grows exponentially. While the costs of an intervention and treatment can seem daunting now, they are well worth the investment when you consider the benefits – to your addicted love one’s finances, relationships, career and well-being – that come through recovery.

There are many ways to find the cash you need to help your family hire the right intervention professional for you.

Whether you opt for financing, loans or another option, your loved one’s recovery should be the priority. If you need help finding an intervention professional with a flexible payment system, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We are here 24/7 to answer your questions and help you get the assistance you need.