Sex Addiction Intervention

When sex addiction is an issue, it can disrupt your entire life. Those who live with the disorder often feel obsessed and unable to think of anything else but their favorite sex acts. Because it is difficult to have positive and functional relationships with others, sex addiction can mean co-occurring disorders like depression due to loneliness and/or anxiety due to fear of being found out.

Too often, those who struggle with sex addiction attempt to change their lives, to stop indulging in the compulsive behaviors, and regain control of their thoughts and actions but with little success. Fortunately, rehabilitation can help – and an intervention is one of the most effective doorways to that treatment.

Types of Sex Addiction

There are a number of different types of sex and love addiction. Any one of them can result in negative consequences for the person living with the issue, and many can mean hardship for their significant other as well. Some of the most common types of sex addiction include compulsive behaviors like:

  • Online pornography
  • Hiring prostitutes
  • Going to strip clubs
  • Having sex with strangers
  • Taboo sex

In some cases, it can also mean illegal sex – sex that is nonconsensual and/or with those who are underage. In these cases, it is important to maintain a continual therapeutic program in order to ensure that you and others are protected against relapse.

Staging an Intervention for a Sex Addict

It is often the significant other who stages a sex addiction intervention. Because the spouse or partner is unable to continue living in a dysfunctional relationship with the sex addict, he or she usually says, “Get treatment or lose me.” It’s not an easy thing to do. But with the help of a professional interventionist, those who are in serious relationships with someone addicted to compulsive sex acts can help their loved one to recreate their daily experience with sex addiction and build stronger relationships.

In the case of sex addiction, it may be appropriate to meet one on one with your addicted love one and have a professional interventionist present. An interventionist can be instrumental in making sure that you don’t allow emotions to overwhelm you or draw you off course. Remember, your goal is to help your loved one get into treatment so the two of you can have the opportunity to work on your relationship.

A professional interventionist can help you in the planning and execution stages of an intervention for your loved one. Call now for more information.