Intervention Participant Becomes San Francisco’s First Homicide Victim of 2012

Joseph Minozzi was the victim of the first homicide this year in San Francisco, California, last month. He was also a participant on the A&E show Intervention during their 10th season – albeit unwillingly.

Found around 2:30 in the morning on the corner of Sixth Street and Stevenson, an area notorious for drug sales in the City by the Bay, Minozzi was stabbed repeatedly and died about an hour later from those wounds. Whether or not he was there to purchase drugs is not known for certain; he had recently relocated to the Bay Area after getting out of jail in an effort to turn his life around, according to NBC Bay Area. Though he seemed to be doing well, working as a window washer and beginning to build a life for himself, it may be that his issues with addiction put him in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sixth Street

When looking for pills, marijuana, crack, heroin and other drugs, addicts in San Francisco often make their way down to Sixth Street in the middle of the night. No drugs were reported found on Minozzi and no one has come forward to report who stabbed him or why, but it is a possibility that his mission there so early in the morning was related to drugs.

When Minozzi was on Intervention, he was the boyfriend of the addict who was the subject of the intervention. He encouraged her to say “no” to rehab and was portrayed as something of a villain on the show – abusive, an addict and a criminal. Ultimately, his girlfriend, the subject of the episode, agreed to go to treatment and the show reported that Minozzi, too, entered rehab after serving five months in prison.

Relapse: The Risk of Overdose and Danger

Though Minozzi may have been working hard to stay on track and could very well have found himself the victim of a random mugging the night that he died, it is possible too that he may have been in the neighborhood looking to score.

It’s one of the big risks of relapse after a period of being clean – accidents can happen, be it an overdose, a car accident, or meeting up with the wrong person at the wrong time. In fact, one of the most often cited circumstances of overdose is when a patient relapses after a period of abstinence.

Has someone you care about relapsed? Are they headed toward a return to addiction, or are they chronically relapsing and unable to commit to sobriety without help? If so, we can help you stage an intervention so your loved one can avoid the risks that come with relapse. Call now for more information.