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Are TV Depictions of Interventions True to Life?

More and more television shows are depicting real life drug and alcohol addiction interventions on TV. Talk shows often focus an episode or two on the subject but more and more shows are dedicated to nothing but showcasing the struggles of families of addicts as they attempt to utilize an intervention to get their loved […]

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Mother and Son Intervention Duo Hit the Small Screen

Addiction reality TV is turning into something of a franchise and the very first subject of a filmed-for-TV intervention is now on the other side of the table. Brandon Knauss is now the star of his own intervention show, Cracking Addiction, alongside his mother, Debbie Knauss. Together, the two function as family mediators to help […]

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New Season of A&E’s Intervention Premieres on January 2

The new season of A&E’s popular show Intervention is set to premiere on January 2, and fans of the show are looking forward to what season 10 has in store including new interventionists and a full season of personal stories aired with the hope of helping viewers assist those they love struggling with an addiction and spreading the word that drug interventions can save lives.

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