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So You’re Married to an Addict… Now What?

Picture this: You meet the man or woman who seems to be your perfect match. The two of you marry, maybe buy a home and start a family, going through all the motions one would expect of a contemporary married couple. Then you discover, after several years of wedded bliss, that your other half has […]

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Addiction: A Choice?

When it comes to the world of addiction treatment and research, perhaps no question carries as much weight as the one that seeks to understand just how much free will addicts have over their behavior. The reason lies in the implications. Say addiction is a condition underpinned by choice. If that’s the case, society is […]

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Rock Bottom – Do You Really Have to Go There?

You may have heard about rock bottom. It’s the point at which the consequences of having an addiction have reached record levels. While you may have lived with unpleasant fallout resulting from alcohol or drug use for some time, rock bottom can sometimes help you truly acknowledge how difficult things have become. At rock bottom, […]

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Our Violent World Is Especially Dangerous for Children Who Use Drugs or Act Out. What Can We Do About It?

You hear a lot these days about how violence influences our children, and it often seems like horrific news is everywhere we turn. Add to this mix the intense brutality of many video games that are popular with teens and song lyrics that make even progressive parents raise their eyebrows, and it’s no wonder why […]

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Intervention FAQ

Interventions are often a last resort for a family that is out of options and struggling due to a family member’s addiction or alcoholism. But unless one or more members of the family has been through this before, choosing to stage an intervention for an addicted loved one can come with a ton of questions. […]

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Is It Time to Stage an Intervention?

Staging an intervention is a formal and intense step in attempting to help someone pull himself out of an active drug or alcohol abuse or addiction problem.   It is often a last-ditch effort of family members to make it clear that change must happen – and it must happen today. It’s not always easy […]

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