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Yael’s Story: ‘My Parents Refused to Let Go’

“Intervention didn’t work for me,” said Yael V. “At least, it didn’t work in the way that people think it should. My parents staged an intervention for me and tried to help me get into treatment, but I didn’t agree to go. My parents refused to let go of micromanaging every single detail of how […]

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Will Rehab Help Your Loved One Overcome Technology Addiction?

Twitter, Facebook, stock updates, text messages, emails, breaking news – there are any number of real-time updates that one can interface with on a minute-by-minute basis using smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops and anything else with online access. For many, the 24-hour connection to people and resources around the world is a convenience that is utilized […]

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The Victim Mentality: Don’t Worry, It’s a Normal Part of Addiction

You may have experienced the phenomenon of the “victim mentality” in a number of different ways with your addicted loved over the years. For those dependent upon drugs and alcohol, this often manifests as not only denying all responsibility for the consequences of their drug use but also twisting the facts so that someone – […]

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Can Early Intervention Circumvent the Need for Drug Rehab?

When discussing the prognosis when drug and alcohol abuse is an issue, most experts will tell you that the earlier your loved one seeks help, the more likely it is that she will make a full recovery. While this is true, there are some notions that many people assume based on this theory, most of […]

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Interventions and College Drinking: What Works

Too often, people expect that there will be a certain amount of binge drinking and experimentation with drugs and other substances when someone heads off to college. In fact, many view drug use among college students as normal and tend to minimize the consequences. The fact is, however, that binge drinking and drug experimentation – […]

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Taking Prescription Drug Abuse Seriously: When to Move Forward with an Intervention

Loss of life due to overdose on prescription painkillers like OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin and others has been a growing problem in the last decade. Estimates from the CDC say that the number of overdose deaths quadrupled in the first 10 years of this century and as many as 125,000 lives were lost during that time. […]

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